Minecraft Education Edition open beta

Minecraft Education Edition open beta
The open beta of Minecraft Education Edition has began!

We already told you about the announcement of Minecraft Education Edition in one of our previous articles. This month, just a couple of weeks ago, the open beta of this educational project has began, which is to change the school education system. Release of Minecraft Education Edition is scheduled to September and for the remaining time developers and testers are to make this game a fully finished product of the highest quality, because it will be used in the next generation education and what could be more important than that?

Regular lesson in Minecraft: Education Edition
In fact, Minecraft Education Edition is not too different from the normal version of the game. Only a few functions has been added. But they enables you to use Minecraft as an educational tool. These tools include:

  • In-Game camera to take screenshots.
  • New special blocks of text in which teachers can "write" on chalkboards.
  • Ability to create characters that will tell the students about the subject of the lesson and travel with them around the game world.
  • Classroom mode is a control panel for teachers. It provides teachers with the opportunity to give to students in-game items and resources, track their location on the game map, send them messages and, which is particularly useful, teleport students. The latter function is extremely useful for collecting careless students, lost somewhere in the vastness of the game world.
Chalkboards in Minecraft Education Edition
All teachers who participated in the beta testing, will be able to use Minecraft Education Edition for free until September. Then the game will require a license from Microsoft. Its price will range from $1 to $5 per student per year. It is not yet known how effective will be Minecraft Education Edition, however, given the fact that millions of children around the world spend many hours in the blocky world of Minecraft, you can expect that this education program will hit them. I wonder is it possible to install mods for Minecraft on the educational version of the game?

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 2016-07-01 03:58:20

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