First details about Minecraft the movie

New information about Minecraft the movie
The first details about Minecraft the movie became known!

In one of our previous articles we have already told you that the creators of Minecraft are planning to make a film based on their creation. Back then there was known absolutely no details about the future movie, but 4 months have passed and the details became known!

Minecraft the movie, coming soon?
Actually there is still not many information, more than nothing, though. Perhaps the most important news is the movie provisional release date - 24 may 2019. The film will be available in 3D and IMAX formats. Moreover, this movie will not be purely animated picture, it will involve live actors, and the famous Warner Bros. will produce the movie. The Director of the film will be Rob Mcelhenny and producer will be Roy Lee.

Given the recent trends of more and more better movies based on games (remember the Warcraft), it can be expected that Minecraft the movie will be at least not inferior in quality than traditional cinema. However, 2019 is not even close and in that time many things can change dramatically.

We can only wait and hope. And, of course, to download mods for Minecraft from our website! Because here we have collected for you a huge selection of the best custom modifications to your favorite sandbox.

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 2016-06-30 10:47:00

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