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Minecraft Education Edition
Mincraft was originally conceived as a game that will somehow develop thinking and creative abilities of the player. It is quite obviously, and for those who still disagree we have an advice: take at least one thoughtful Minecraft play, thinking about what is and what's the purpose of conceived of different gameplay features. In fact, talk about how to use computer games, in particular Minecraft, in education have been ongoing for a long time. However, it was not so easy to overcome public prejudice. And yet, Microsoft has announced its intention to launch Minecraft Education Edition, which will be supplied to educational institutions at a discounted price.

Minecraft Education Edition does not target any specific age category, it is designed for schools as well as for colleges. The basic idea of Minecraft Education Edition is not too different from the original game, users still have to create their own virtual worlds and explore them. Just imagine the limitless possibilities that are open to both teachers and students! Now it's safe to say that computer games are the future of the educational system and Minecraft is only taking its first steps on this path.

Besides, Minecraft Education Edition is a highly accessible product. The school will has to pay only $5 per year for each student, while the original cost of Minecraft is $10. Every student of an educational institution that uses Minecraft Education Edition will be available to install the game on his device without purchasing a license. By the way, previously the University of Hull, in the British city of Kingston upon Hull, said about creating an interactive project to study biochemistry under the name of MolCraft, based on Minecraft. Well, we wish good luck to British scientists, and we hope that our children will learn school material through computer games, as we always wanted.

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 2016-01-21 09:48:01

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