GTA 5 in Minecraft

GTA 5 in Minecraft
Minecraft players are usially so crafty that they never mess around whet it comes to build something in their favorite game. No matter how big this something is going to be. Throughout the years we have seen many amazing projects, such as the Red Castle from A Song of Ice and Fire, the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek universe, and even Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings. But what we want to tell you now, is really ambitious.

YouTube user N11ck and his team creating a full world map Grand Theft Auto 5 in a Minecraft. So, guys are not working on any one area or even the whole region, they decided to go further and create the entire map at once! Their project called simplly "GTA 5 in Minecraft", it is still in the process of creating and launched in January 2015.

As you can see in the trailer above, it's an incredibly accurate recreation of the downtown Los Santos. For those who are very well familiar with GTA 5 this looks darn surreal. Of course, all this is made of simple square blocks, but it all looks so authentic, as much as possible out of GTA 5. Amazing job.

N11ck regularly updates his channel with reports about the project. The most recent update uploaded to the channel reported that when the project is completed it will have an area of 7,500 square blocks (it means, it will be a square with sides of 7,500 blocks). Now you're imagine the scale of this?

Don't forget that everything we have seen so far, it's just part of downtown Los Santos. If N11ck with his team is really going to recreate the entire map of GTA 5 in Minecraft, they will have a long time to work with the reconstitution of rural areas in the Northern part of the map. That won't be easy too, as, for instance, mount Chiliad (the South of Paleto Bay) will have a height of one thousand blocks, according to N11ck. Quite impressive, isn't it? But there remain underwater part of the map, which should also be work at to make an exact copy of the GTA 5 map. As you can see, N11ck with the team still has tons and tons of work.

In any case: hats off to these guys. You are a real maniac, in a good way.

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 2016-01-26 12:36:48

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